G2 Associates, Inc.

opened their doors in June, 1985 in Portland, Oregon. The business combined the experience and talents of John and Jack Gray, as well as those of several others with whom they collaborated covering numerous geotechnical, environmental and design related specialties. This was an innovative combination of decades of experience in civil engineering, geological, surveying, design, development and groundwater management to name a few. Our work has included tunneling, underground soft rock mechanics, development of large shopping centers, churches, schools, hillside evaluations and more. It is our focus to investigate and study the types of soil and rock, slope stability situations, and to marry these findings with the needs of our varied clientele and their projects. Bringing suitable land conditions to bear with client needs, plans and financing is often a challenge-but one at which we thrive.By studying land and its composition, including groundwater concerns and needs we are capable of making your development more cost effective, and productive. When asked who are clients are, we can only respond by saying "everyone".